Team on-site sign-up begins at 11AM at the Place des Festivals (corner of Saint-Catherine and Jeanne-Mance Street). First games kick off at noon.

No drugs of any kind nor alcohol from outside the premises allowed on the event site. A diverse choice of beverage will be made available at affordable prices from the many bars on the premises. Please be reminded that it is not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages outside the premises.

Please behave in a respectful and secure manner at any time, for your sake and other’s.

A player whose attitude toward others, language, or respect of material is not in line with the event’s values and guidance faces the possibility of being kicked out the event and even the premises.

In case of rain, the tournament will take place as planned. Every player must attend their games unless directed otherwise. In extreme cases, the organisation will determine on the steps to take in order to correct the situation.

After each game, each team captain has the responsibility to report the score to the inscription kiosk.

Please write down each player’s name for no less than the minimum required number of players.


Payment is for 4 players although can include a maximum of 8 players. The team’s goaltender must bring his own equipment.

Cage Soccer

Payment is for 3 players, although a team can include a maximum of 6 players.

While registering for the event, you will have to choose between either starter or intermediary field.


Reimbursement is possible until 23h59 on July 5th 2018.

Registration closes at 23h59 on July 16th 2018.

The use of masculin pronouns was used to produce a lighter text.