On our website: mondialdesjeux.com or by phone: 514-509-5272.

Cash, debit card or credit card. Reminder : Tickets available at the door: cash only.

By mail, electronic version or you can pick it up at the ticket office.

Yes, cash only.

You can take the metro and get to the Place des Arts metro station. Alternatively, you can get by car or bus.

Yes, the Saint-Urbain parking lot. Address: 2020 St-Urbain Street, Montreal. The parking is accessible via Evans Street via Kimberly Street.


Yes, we will have a snack bar on site.

The Wolves of Thiercelieux is a game of ambience and secret identities where everyone embodies a role ranging from the nice villager to the wolf werewolf eater of innocents, not to mention The Little Girl, The Hunter, Cupid and many others! At nightfall, your powers wake up. It is when the sun rises that often one finds a dead villager ... And there, it is the great debate! Accuse those around you, there must be a culprit and you have to get rid of them.